Photography by: dphawkins

Location: New Jersey

Freehand Digital Art

Themes: Fantasy, Nature, Zodiac, Poetry

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Occupation: Web Designer/Graphic Designer

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Poetess: Rose Marie Patricia Contala

Born: 3rd of October 1956
Birth Name: Rose Marie Patricia
Sun Sign: Libra

Tricia is a natural artist, who has had no formal training. She has always had a creative nature, but after a long illness at the age of 40, her gift surfaced and blossomed in the form of dreams. These dreams took the shape of the art offered here.

Many have said, Tricia's art is mystical, romantic, the works of an old soul. The colors are felt and capture those that step into her world and there they are taken away.

Tricia offers a diverse collection of art. Her fantasy art is magical, her nature art, takes you to places that exist only in her mind's eye. Her Zodiac art is bold and unique and her poetry, with her signature red rose, touches your heart and opens your soul.


The depth of your thoughts and expressions.So thought provoking and alive. . . beyond words . . .Thank You


Extraordinary images and perception; the sheer beauty and memorizing graphics

Ms. Contala is one of the most talented and prolific artists I have had the privilege to know. She is an artist, web page designer, poet and one of the most sincerely *nice* people of the world. Your work is stunning and I hope to collect all your work and show off. One day, I can truthfully say, I knew her when... Best of luck my friend and good fortune be with you always.

Roswell, NM

Your work captures the magic and romance of peoples dreams. The themes and graphics are truly phenomenal. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Cleveland, Ohio

I have recently purchased two locked jewelry boxes from Tricia Contala. The art work was phenomenal and the quality of the product was of perfection. Tricia is a talented artist. When looking for a birthday present for a friend, I provided Tricia information about my friend and she designed something just for her. Working with Tricia is wonderful, she is polite, kind and interested in what you want.I highly recommend her work and encourage you to seek her out to design work for yourself.
~Wenda Kenney

Her artist representation is more than amazing, it's almost spiritual. I commissioned an art piece for my wife. Which came out absolutely stunning. Thank you Tricia. You are a very talented and beautiful woman!

~Joanathan Ross

I think Tricia Contala is very talented. Her Zodiac line is absolutely beautiful. It's mysterious and mesmorizing. Took my breath away when I saw them. She has a true gift. Each one is better than the next.

~Lia Monforte
New Jersey

The site is beautiful....the art is arresting....romantic...and exudes evokes peace and a time long past....I like it and am happy my friend sent the link to me....Brava to the Artist!!!! Thank you for sharing your passion and your light....

~Stephanie Lemons

Your work is incredible.. it exudes the greatest beauty a person could know... but also shows a deep pain, in a way. I wonder why the woman in your pictures always has her back turned. That question is almost haunting...but one is put to rest by the shear beauty that abounds all about her. Thank you for sharing your creativity with so many.


The feelings generated by the images - and the stirring of ancient memories....
I feel many of the images could inspire and illustrate a poem - or maybe a story.......


Your artwork is truly exceptional, and very vibrant! =)

Des Moines, Iowa

keep it tell vivid stories in you work...thanks for sharing with me and all the others who've been fortunate to see it

~Kurt Stripling
Helena, AR

Dear Tricia, It so much fun to sit back, relax and look at your pictures and start to dream. I will return and enjoy.

~Gabriele Engels

Your artwork is simply breathtaking, and I enjoyed viewing your obvious given talent. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with others in this internet world :)


The designs and the heartfelt visuals of your prose... Your work is Wondrous!!!


very talented, very diverse and interesting. my pleasure to be able to see this excellent work.

new york city, ny

Tricia's work expresses her inner self, the beauty, sensitivity and the professionalism needs no words to describe the work, the care and the heart that is put into each aspect of her work. Tricia just makes the concepts come to life... after all there are so many web designers out there, how many can say that their work speaks for them. Go reach for the stars dear for they surely belong to you.

Originally INDIA, now in Canada

I really like your soft and smooth approach to your designing which makes your site a pleasure to view. Quite a talent you have


Your page is a lovely expression of a beautiful and talented woman. Your use of colors and texture in this 2 dimension medium are remarkable

~Jeff Nagell



You are an inspirational artist. I am inspired by you for many reasons. I wish you great success with your endeavors.

~Raymond Bauer
New Jersey

I can't find words for it....fantastic work!!

~Cees Scholten
The Netherlands

Tricia, as always you have achieved perfection in your work.


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